Review of John Assaraf's program "Neurogym"

  • Neurogym, the brainchild of John Assaraf, is based on the latest brain science called "neuroplasticity."  Neuroplasticity says that the brain is constantly forming new neural pathways and networks, that we are constantly growing new brain cells.  Old brain theory was that our brains were static entities once we passed a certain age and that our brains couldn't change or learn new things.  New brain theory is that our brains are constantly changing and we are capable of learning new things until we die unless disease interferes.  

    What this means is that we can change old habits and ways of doing things.  The way Neurogym does this is through a series of audio tapes that include:
  • Cognitive Priming
  • Success Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Guided Hypnotherapy
  • Subliminal Programming
  • Behavioral Modification

​What does this mean for you?

 It means you no longer have to stay stuck being fat, broke, or miserable in your old lifestyles.  You can, with the help of Neurogym, change your old habits and ways of doing things, and radically transform your life.  I had the opportunity to try out Neurogym for a week after Assaraf's annual Brain-A-Thon, this year.  It was an amazing experience.  It truly was a transforming experience, even in the short time I experienced it.  I could tell where I was stuck in my old "money story,"  i.e. the story that I learned about money growing up.  My story was that money was hard to come by, scarce. Rich people were inherently evil, selfish and full of themselves.  Last, but not least, nobody would ever help me get anywhere.  So I might as well resign myself to poverty.  

During parts of the tape, I would "zone out" and could not remember what John had said.  As the days went by I could remember more and more of what John was saying.  I found myself responding differently during the day to challenges that would have stymied me before.  I believe the entire course would transform my life.  The extra cash to purchase the entire program would have been nice but I was grateful to have experienced the week that I did.  I intend to buy Winning the Game of Money as soon as I do have the dinero.  (That was the program I tried.)  There are many different products for sale at Neurogym.  

Different courses and segments of Neurogym:

  • ​Winning the Game of Money, a 12 level brain re-training system
  • Winning the Game of Weight Loss another 12 level system
  • Winning the Game of Fear (Increasing Confidence) a four level system (and one I intend to purchase as I have been plagued with anxiety all my life.)
  • Courses
    • Having it all: helps identify your deepest goals and a roadmap for achieving them
    • Cloning of Business Success: Determine  Your Best Sales & Marketing Strategies For Radical Growth.
    • Daily VIP coaching and support
    • Million Dollar Success Training Library: 75+ hours of video training
    • In Depth Personality, Strengths, and Success Profile Assessment
    • The Four Pillars of Financial Wealth and Success
    • Money: The Art and Science of Financial Success (Recorded 3 day live event)
    • The Success Manifestors Genius Program
    • Value Based Living
    • How to Get More Done in Less Time
    • Power Habits Generator

Science supports brain plasticity.   And John has worked very hard to incorporate different modalities of learning in his programs.  For instance, in Winning the Game of Money, there is an extensive library of information that accompanies the program to retrain the individual in business.  There is also coaching from John and a colleague that accompanies the program. One joins a Facebook community of like-minded people so that one is not alone in one's journey.  I imagine the company is welcome as one travels the path to financial success.  The opportunities for networking are endless.  

Winning the Game of Weight Loss​

In Winning the Game of Weight Loss , you deal with emotional issues around losing weight, as well as the concrete details of eating rituals and habits.  The program hones in on the fundamental reasons you overeat, which is what is needed, at the core of it all.  It also deals with the built in habits that you have accumulated over the years.  The program helps reset and recalibrate your inner weight set point, as well.  Winning the Game of Weight Loss teaches the art and science of mindful eating practices so that eating is no longer the automatic, mindless exercise which so many  overweight people frantically indulge in.  It uses the latest science to aid in your weight loss quest.

Winning the Game of Fear​

Winning the Game of Fear is based on the latest science around fear.  There are 50 commonly held fears that keep people from succeeding in life.  Most of our fears began in our childhood; many of those fears are unconscious.  This program helps reduce fear and anxiety and increase resistance to fearful or stressful situations.  It helps release fears that have been holding us back since childhood and teaches us how to stay focused on tasks at hand.  The program helps us  avoid bad habits such as procrastination, which is a fear based behavior.  It is aimed at helping the individual go past his or her fears to reach for a life that he or she has only dreamed of in the past.   


I would say that anyone looking to transform his or her life would do well to purchase any of the programs John sells.  

  • If you are on a weight loss journey, you just may find the answer you have been searching for all your life.  It would mean the end of dieting and the beginning of living.  
  • As to finances, it would mean breakthroughs that could lead to a life of financial freedom and wealth that you have only dreamed of previously.  
  • And the Winning the Game of Fear could mean the end of a life full of fears and anxieties and the beginning of a life full of confidence and joy.,

Obviously, no one can promise you anything. You have to work for what you get. But John's program, along with an immense support team, are there to help you figure out what your goals and dreams are and then help you to achieve them.

What do you have to lose?  And you have everything to gain.   The program is based on the latest in brain science and John's "innercises" as he calls them, will help you reach the next level in your life.  

If you are interested in learning more about Neurogym, check out their website at https://www.myneurogym.com.